Alright, I'll try to keep this short but I won't make any promises. First and foremost this is a "learning by doing" project and secondly this project will revolve around a fantasy, fandom kind of thing. So if you are not interested in that you might as well leave at this point. Quite frankly I don't think anything worth showing will be online on this page for the next year or so since this is a one man project and I am lazy as fuck. However I WILL continue to work on this indefinitely. However all I can do right now is to ask that IF anyone is interested in this kind of thing to please bookmark this page and check back occasionally since if I where to wait till it is done I do not think I will be able to build the community I am aiming for. The tiny bit of content we have so far can be found here. To be honest even our Wikia is currently in disrepair and needs work. However right now this site takes priority and I hope to soon have something that I can present you without shame.

I could use some feedback

Even tho this project is work in progress and in a very early stage I figure that this would be good timing to start receiving feedback since now "do-over's" don't take that much effort yet. In case anyone who reads this would like to actually follow the development of this project and deliver feedback or knows something about arranging a wikia feel free to contact me under: joexdtry@yahoo.com with any questions and so I can give you admin rights on the wikia as well as this site once we got the login working. I am trying to set the foundation for a flourishing and ever-growing community and the first couple of people will be the most important.

As for the Development

I am aware that the content we currently have online is close to none and the website is cringeworthy, however I can guarantee you that the entire concept is completed and well thought out. As for the wikia the information uploaded by raytry97 and me is confirmed canon and if someone where kind enough to do the layout and such for the pages I'd be more than grateful. As for the site, this is a learning by doing experience meaning that it will take a while but I got big plans for it and I won't be stomping out content until it is finished. Also the content I am planning to deliver will mostly be books/stories set in this fantasy universe. At least those are the first priority. Artwork and such might follow but this project is not yet far enough to tell.

Thanks for your time.